YouTube Banner Collection

A small collection of some my favorite YouTube Banner I did '18 and '19. Also includes the work I did for MiniLadd alias Craig Thompson.

Twitch Graphics for „TackleBox“

Besides the lettering logo I did for "TackleBox", I also created his visual appearance on Twitch/Mixer.

Twitch Graphics for „CYMX“

I've worked several times with CYMX in the past already. He now hired me for his upcoming streaming career.

Twitch Graphics for „MsBlueShines“

"MsBlueShines" is a female streamer who commissioned me to do her twitch appearance.

Twitch Graphics for „Mr.Johan“

Besides the letter logo I created for Mr.Johan, I also did his twitch appearance.

Twitch Graphics for „BossRush“

"BossRush" is a YouTube channel that tests current games and does other interesting gaming-related stuff. "BossRush" also streams from time to time so I had the pleasure to create their visual appearance.

Twitter Header for „vyko“

This is an old header I used to use.

Twitter Header for „Mixo“

"Mixo" is one of the biggest Graphic Designer in the twitter community.

Twitter Header for „FaZe Magic“

"Magic" is a talented illustrator and part of the FaZe Clan.

Twitter Header for „Ert“

"Ert" is a very talented digital painter. Back then he was a part of the Dare Artistry.

Twitter Header for „NVLT“

"NVLT" aka "valetum" is an Austrian Graphic Designer. With this header, I tried to explore a neon/retro inspired style.

Twitter Header for „FaZe Clan“

"FaZe Clan" is one of the biggest names in the esports industry.