Logo Design for „Innovation“

"Innovation" is an online shop that sells coupons and accounts.

Logo Design for „Avry Arden“

"Avry Arden" is a passionate gamer and streamer and we decided to create a clean yet abstract Logo Design for his brand.

Logo Design for „Amazonite“

"Amazonite" is a streamer who contacted me with this wishes and ideas about his new branding. After a few concepts we decided to go with the Logo Design you can see here.

Logo Design for „CIDE“

"CIDE" is a streamer who plays several games and wanted to rebrand himself. His idea was to create an icon of a hooded thief, because it represents the games he plays.

Logo Design for „OblivionHD“

The streamer "OblivionHD" contacted me about his ideas regarding his logo. After some wild approaches, we finally settled on this clean "B" Logo with sharp gradients to represent his vivid and wild streams.

Logo Design – „Motorcycle“

This is a logo I spontaneously made for exploring what I can come up with.

Logo Design – „Abstract A“

This is a declined Logo Design for a client. We chose to go a different route. I tried to keep it as simple yet as abstract as possible.

Logo Design for „Ronin Films“

"Ronin Films" is a documentary film studio based in London. I had the pleasure to create their branding. They are inspired by the asian culture, thus the name and the chinese symbol.

Logo Design for „OrigamiByBoice“

Boice is an amazing artist who creates stunning origami on Instagram. He contacted me to bring his ideas to life. The logo represents the first origami boice ever did; a fish. It has a special meaning for him.

Logo Design for „CERVUM WEAR“

"CERVUM WEAR" is an upcoming esports clothing label that offers high quality jerseys and hoodies. The logo represents a deer antler + a crown. The contrast of a rather traditional modernized logo and the highly modern and technical name "CERVUM" is the exact spot we wanted to achieve.

Logo Design for „Textile Imprints“

"Textile Imprints" is an uprising Apparel Design Agency that provides good quality and service. The rather complex logo includes the letter "T" + "I".

Logo Design for „BLAST“

"BLAST" is a new esports organization that tries to find its spot within the scene. The wordmark I created plays around with the concept of the "A" being a rocket that starts.

Logo Design for „Varcakov“

"Varcakov" is the last name of an experienced Digital Strategist from Germany. We worked on other projects before we created this personal mark.

Logo Design for „MrJohan“

"MrJohan" is a streamer with a great and funny personality. While he is studying medicine he still makes time for his streams. We decided to go with a simple letter logo with some subtle details.

Logo Design for „Moyes“

"Moyes" is a streamer who contacted me regarding his brand. He had a pretty clear vision from the start that turned into reality.

Declined Logo Design for „BitFixGaming“

"BitFixGaming" is one of the biggest esports teams in Norway. It was a pleasure to get contacted by the CEO himself. Sadly they chose to go with someone else, but I'm happy with the concept I created.

Logo Design for „Civil Esports“

"Civil Esports" is a new esports team that tries to find its spot within the scene. I had the pleasure to create their logo mark. It combines the letter "C" + "V" and also represents a sword.

Logo Design for „KONQUER“

"KONQUER" is an esports organization that focuses on gaming teams and content creation. The word mark features the key icon of their brand; the golden crown, that functions as an "O".

Logo Design for „INNER PEACE“

"INNER PEACE" is a fashion label built by me. The symbol of a butterfly fits perfectly to its name due to it being a symbol of peace and freedom.