Mascot Logo for „Butler Esports“

Butler Esports is an intern esports team of an university based in England. Their schools' logo is also a bulldog. Sadly they didn't get to use it because the school didn't allow a different reinterpretation of the university bulldog.

Logo Design for „TackleBox“

TackleBox is a cool streamer on Mixer. Besides this logo, I also did his stream design. He wanted me to create a retro eighties style to represent his brand.

Mascot Logo for „D3COD3D Gaming“

This logo was once a premade and it is supposed to be a "demonized Wolverine". D3COD3D Gaming saw the logo and liked it instantly so it's his new logo.

Mascot Logo for „DHC“

"DHC" is a streamer and gamer. A part of his stream includes a donkey so he contacted me to turn this vision into a reality.

Mascot Logo – „Star Shuriken“

Once made for a Fortnite team, this logo design is looking for a new home. As the name is saying it, it's a star-shaped shuriken in motion.

Mascot Logo – „Golden Tiger“

An abstract approach of a tiger. This was originally made for a Rocket League Pro Team, was then declined and is now sold to a streamer that uses it as his logo.

Unofficial Logo Design for „Brawl League“

This is a fun-made Logo Design for the professional league of the mobile game "BrawlStars".

Mascot Logo – „Dark Knight“

Once a premade, it now is the branding of "SaviorSelf", a gamer and streamer.

Mascot Logo – „Dark Samurai“

This mascot is now the logo of a Graphic Designer on Twitter.

Mascot Logo for „ConnorIRL“

"ConnorIRL" is a known YouTuber and streamer. With roughly 140.000 subscriber and a great personality, it was an honor to work with Connor and create his logo mark. It's now seen on merchandise and social media.

Mascot Logo – „Gas Mask“

This mascot was created for a streamer that played Rust and Fallout, thus the concept of a gas mask.

Mascot Logo for „Havoc Esports“

"Havoc Esports" is an esports team from the city I live in and I got to know the owner through connections at my workplace. He is a super friendly and passionate dude and I helped him express his ideas through this logo and more design assets. Havoc Esports will compete in Rocket League and Rainbow Six Siege.

Mascot Logo – „GameAmmo“

Once made for a client, this logo was supposed to be for an upcoming esports team.

Mascot Logo for „PRIMELOGIC“

"PRIMELOGIC" is a gamer who streams a variety of games including Overwatch, Call of Duty and The Hunt: Showdown. He thinks that a mighty looking lion would represent him the best and I agreed.

Mascot Logo – „Ancient Mask“

Inspired by the masks of the firebender soldiers from "Avatar: The Last Airbender"; this logo was made for experimentation and fun.

Mascot Logo – „Cyan Shark“

This logo was made while being on the train for several hours. I tried to keep it very clean and elegant, while using a lot of hard cuts and abstract shapes.